Friday, September 25, 2015

September Challenge. Day 25

Cloud Study

Yes... I'm baaaaack!  The last 4 days have been about creating 2 Halloween/Bewitching tablescapes, one life sized scarecrow, and participating in a Cloud Workshop.  I love the creative process in it all, but it is not always painting!
I'll have to save the tablescape and scarecrow pictures for later, as they are for upcoming events and I don't want to give away my secrets!  I promise I will post them soon.

As for the cloud workshop, I am in heaven!  A fellow artist and I are traveling to Newnan, GA to attend the workshop presented by David Boyd, Jr.  He is a well know plein air painter and someone whose blog I have followed for about 4 years.  He describes himself as a Southern impressionist painter and his work is loose, greyed, and wonderful!  I could never have imagined studying clouds for 2 1/2 days, but the amount of information, guidance, resources, demonstrations, and actual time painting is just about more than my brain can hold!

Our afternoon work today was 4 value studies.  We looked at photographs of clouds on the screen and had about 15 minutes to sketch and apply 3 or 4 values to each picture. Black and white paint only. Then we scraped off the paint!  It left the same image on the canvas, but allowed us to add color over the black and white layer.  We only had time to finish one.  When I isolate it and take away the turquoise tape, this is what I have.  I think it is a sweet little piece.  Too bad it is only about a 4"square!  I can't wait to finish the others!

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