Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love and Home Grown Tomatoes

I have to confess. I stole this title.  The Community Gardens of Henry County is hosting an event by this name tomorrow at Heritage Park in McDonough. The purpose of the event is to raise funds so that their community gardening initiative can continue as well as enable them to provide locally grown vegetables from their Helping Harvests Gardens to food pantries and other non-profits who help feed the needy in Henry County.  I plan to attend the event and have some of my paintings available for sale. I also plan to indulge in one of their luscious tomato sandwiches.  I hope they have an abundance of napkins!

I did a series of tomato paintings back in September of 2014, but as I am ready to offer them again, I thought I would repost them in my blog.  Painting a series is a challenging, rewarding, and profitable exercise.  It gives you a chance for a do-over without the stigma of 'failing'.  For instance, I tried a  new orange paint rather than mixing my own, and found out I could make the tomatoes really pop!  I have tried different backgrounds and groupings and came up with multiple ideas that worked. Working on a 6"x6" gesso board with a palette knife gives me the quick, impressionistic look that I love. I will apply these 'tried and true' as well as 'tried and failed' ideas on other paintings that I do.

'Big Boy'    6"x6"      Oil on Gessoboard  

'Summer Trio'   6"x6"      Oil on Gessoboard   
'Hanging Together"  6"x6"      Oil on Gessoboard  

'Fresh Pick'   6"x6"      Oil on Gessoboard  

Have you ever tried to paint a series?  What worked well for you?  What problems did you have?  What did you learn?  Was there a particular size or color palette that worked for you?  What subjects would you suggest?  I would love to have your ideas and comments. Maybe this will begin some further discussions on this blog and new ideas for all of us.  I'm thinking of doing another series, this time with Mason jars.  Stay tuned....

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