Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Challenge Day 14

Fresh From the Market
16x20,oil on Gesso board, still life

I have to admit this was a fun painting.  Not easy, but fun.  I began it while at an elementary school ART Day. Since the subject matter was so complicated, I had divided my reference photo into 4x4 rectangles. I made the same 4x4 reference lines on my gesso board before I began to sketch.  This makes the composition come out correctly!  It was an additional math lesson to go along with my art demonstration.  I only hope that I sparked an interest in someone to become a painter.
For my studio and plein air painting, I now have a Compose-It-Grid I bought from Dick Blick (see http://www.dickblick.com/products/compose-it-grids/). Check it out to see what you think.
At first, one of my daughters thought the carrot roots had become a fancy signature for me.  No, but they were kind of unruly and had to be redone several times.  That's why I love oils!

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