Monday, February 17, 2014

Workshop with Leslie Saeta

What a magnificent time I had working with 15 others at a Palette Knife Workshop with Leslie Saeta.  I have worked with a palette knife for some time, but not very often have I used it exclusively. Leslie teaches in a wonderfully positive, relaxed manner. She not only teaches palette knife techniques, but she teaches about values and color mixing. I learned so much!  See more of Leslie Saeta's work at

Until I have my website done in April (something else Leslie will have a workshop on), I will be posting my completed paintings and prices here.  I hope you will enjoy coming to take a look, enjoy some of my musings, and purchase a picture or two.  In any case, comments are welcome and I hope you enjoy some of my musings.  Please pass along this blog site to others as I hope to get some continued traffic through here.

Side by Side    6x6 Oil     $60

Side by Side

Our first painting was a study in values. I have posted mine and then a collection of  those from the class.  I now have a better understanding of values but especially how to check to see if you have the right one. We all began with 5 colors - Alizarin Crimson,  Sap Green, Yellow Cadmium Medium, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White.  Yep, that's all.   I am amazed about the variety of colors that were created to paint the same picture.  How fun!
(Yes, I need to fix the scraped side of my green apple.  This is the problem with transporting wet paintings!  Amazing what you see when you  post your own pictures!)

The second picture of the china cup and lemons I will have to post later.  Forgot to take a picture.   :(

Boat and Reflections

Boat with Reflections  11x 14   Oil     $350

Day 2 of the workshop continued with this practice in color mixing and blocking in values.  A few drawing lessons about boats was needed also.  Palette knife lends itself so easily to blocking in the colors, creating reflections, and especially the lines needed for the masts and rigging.  When you finish a painting like this, you know how to use your warm and cool colors effectively!

Peonies Posing

Our third day of the workshop was held after the snow and ice had melted and everyone could safely get into Atlanta.  Our task was a vase of flowers that Leslie had set near her studio window.  It was a challenge to say the least.  I finished it this past weekend and I am pleasantly pleased with it. Here are some of the 'in progress' photos.
Leslie mixes all of her colors on a gray palette paper before she begins to paint.
Leslie is a master at painting glass objects!

Complete!  Peonies Posing
12x12   Oil   $250
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