Monday, August 31, 2015

Painting Together

Sunflower Radiance 
The end of summer brings a new season of possibilities. For me, it is a new season of painting ideas, opportunities, classes, and a CHALLENGE! Before I tell you more specifics, I want to tell you about the 'Sips and Strokes' class I had recently.

I was referred by a friend to the event planner at Eagles Landing Country Club.  We set up for 30 people to paint sunflowers.  It was a learning curve for me as I had not done a painting class for so many before.  I painted a few practice pieces and took some pictures along the way.

These became the basis of a handout I created for the class that included my contact information.
Sunflower  Radiance           Elaine  Ford
Facebook   Elaine Ford Art     706-537-1564

I made a pattern of the sunflower on tag board and with the help of my daughter, Katie, sketched the sunflower shape onto thirty 11x14 canvases. Thank you, Katie for all of your help!  I controlled the painting environment by only 'serving' the red and sap green on their paper plate paint pallet to begin.  This forced them to mix their brown with the red and green to paint the background color and center of the sunflower first. Painting leaves and then the petals came next.  I had both a warm and a cool yellow along with some thickening medium to create the texture.  As you can see from the pictures below, good times and successful paintings were created that night!

My next painting class will be at The French Market and Tavern in Locust Grove on Tuesday October 6.  We plan to paint roosters and hope that many will come out for this Corks and Canvas event.  Ladies, bring a group of girlfriends or make it a fun and special date night! More information is available at 

Now, on to other happenings!  My friend and talented pallet knife mentor, Leslie Saeta is holding her September 2015 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge!  I have taken two workshops with Leslie and began a painting challenge with her two years ago.  The challenge is just that for the artist; it's an encouragement to paint more and the opportunity to share both on Leslie's blog and my own! See to see all of the artwork posted each day.

For this challenge, I want to paint a series of different things as I plan for my own upcoming events.  My first series will be several roosters in hopes of some ideas for my painting class.  Let me know if you would like to schedule an event or charity fund raiser. I hope you join me each day in September as I dig down deep for some fresh paintings, inspirations, and conversations with you!