Friday, September 11, 2015

September Challenge Day 11

  Perfect Lemon Reflection
Still Life, Oil on Gessoboard, 11x14, Price Not for Sale

Please note that my use of the word 'perfect' is not in reference to my painting ability, but the realization that on each mason jar it says PERFECT MASON.  I thought that was pretty special.  As I have collected a few vintage blue mason jars, I had a friend send me some history on them.  As the company changed over time, the logo has changed also. I find these incredibly interesting. The script Ball logo on this one dates the jar somewhere between 1910 and 1923!
I painted this one a few months ago for it to be used for the Mason Jar Festival here in McDonough that is happening tomorrow, September 12 on the square.  It was used for the poster design for the festival and I am very happy with the finished poster.  Come join us on the square tomorrow!  I will be one of the Plein Air Painters there!

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