Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Favorites Day 7

Fall Favorites
11"x 14"  Oil on Gesso Board

Well, they say the Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Challenge was not about always doing you best work. So, here it is.  Maybe I just need to say that this one is not finished. Read, "It needs a lot of work." However, it does look better in person than in the photograph. Neither photography or composition is my strong suit.  I am looking forward to learning more about these in Leslie Saeta's workshop online.  

These are a few of my favorite fall things.  I love copper!  This part I like and it was fun to paint.  Couldn't do it with a palette knife so I had to go back to a brush.  There is nothing like Transparent Red Oxide for the perfect color!

Wheat is another one of my fall loves.  My Dad passed away in November, and one of the flower displays from his funeral had a spray of wheat.  This is in honor of his memory.  I'll have to get some Black-eyed Susans for another painting.  That was his favorite flower.

This cornucopia is a standard display around my house each fall.  It has had a variety of things inside over the years, but it would not seem like Thanksgiving without it.

Indian corn is also a common part of my fall decorations and a request from a friend to paint, but what a challenge!  I didn't capture its color at all!

Oh, well!  All in a fun evening of painting and a time of reminiscing and learning as well.  Thanks for looking!


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