Thursday, September 1, 2016


Hump-frey    Oil with Palette Knife    12" x 12"

This fella just naturally had to follow after my Wise Men series.  The camels were easy to paint, because the colors were not exact.  I think camel faces are comical, just like giraffe faces.  This pose made me laugh and I thought it would work well.  Square canvases have become a very friendly space for me to paint.  And after our trip to the frame warehouse, I think he looks spiffy in his new frame.  

Alas, he needs a name. I suppose it could be Humphrey, or Hump Day.  But I've also thought about what he might be saying....  Is it Hump Day Yet?  Where's the Star?  Are We There Yet?    Please help and send me a comment for a good name for a good camel.

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