Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pink Dahlias A Work in Progress

This is actually the story of a commission.  A sweet friend wanted to show me her bedspread which had pink dahlias on it to get an inspiration for a commissioned painting for her. I visited her, took some pictures of the bedspread and noted that her walls were a soft, peaceful, muted green.

I wasn't very sure about how to paint dahlias, much less what medium would work best, so I spent a day playing in acrylics, watercolors and oils.

Needless to say, I did not like any of them. But the oils gave me the texture, depth, and movement that I love, so I began.

The finished piece was mediocre, I thought, so I went looking for inspiration.

 I have loved my few attempts at painting glass, so after seeing an arrangement in a rectangular glass vase, I began on a square 20"x20" canvas.

When your palette is pleasing, then you know your painting has a chance to work.  I had a lot of fun mixing gray-greens and gray-blues for this painting.

Pink Dahlias   Oil on Canvas   Palette Knife  20"x20"

I hope you have enjoyed following the process. I love and appreciate your comments.  I was pleased and my client was pleased. Sometimes, it just takes a little time to play.

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  1. Elaine I loved your story of the Dahlias loved your process. and your Painting. Great job